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Our partnership with Kevin, a new face in the modeling industry, has been very exciting. We immediately understood what needed to be done - create an attractive visual brand and develop a modern website.


Kevin Jiluan Pinter
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The Challenge

Create a modern, captivating portfolio for a model.

Develop a compelling visual brand, design a dynamic website, showcase the client's modeling portfolio, and create a modern platform for potential hiring opportunities.
Our Process
We commenced the project by designing a distinctive logo that encapsulated Kevin's unique style. We then swiftly crafted a sleek website, remarkably completing it within just two days.
To take it a step further, we dedicated an additional two days to create an engaging landing page. Leveraging the cutting-edge Framer tool, we added interactivity and a modern touch.


The outcome was a visually stunning website that exceeded the client's expectations. Kevin Julian Pinter was not only satisfied but also enthusiastic about recommending Pixeldarts to colleagues and fellow fashion models. The modern portfolio not only showcased his work but also provided a platform for potential employers, effectively bridging the gap between talent and opportunity.
At Pixeldarts, we specialize in efficient design solutions that leave a lasting impression. This project exemplifies our commitment to excellence in branding, web design, and ensuring client satisfaction, while also opening doors for the client's future endeavors in the fashion industry.

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