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Cultivating a Fresh Brand Identity

Phillysfarm, headquartered in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, approached our design studio with a clear mission: to revitalize its brand identity. Their goal was to redesign their logo and create a fresh, green visual brand that would resonate with local farmers and showcase their range of fresh herbs.







UI/UX Design

Motion design
The Challenge

Redesign the Brandkit

The challenge in this project was to breathe new life into the brand without altering the current corporate colors. The client wanted to maintain their existing color scheme while infusing the brand with a fresh and vibrant feel.
Our Process
Our journey with Phillysfarm commenced with the creation of a moodboard, serving as the creative compass for our design team. Swiftly, we reached a consensus on the visual direction, ensuring alignment with the client's vision.
In just two weeks, our design team orchestrated a complete brand makeover. This included a refreshed logo that retained the corporate colors, yet radiated a fresh and inviting aura. We consolidated all aspects of the new visual identity into a comprehensive Visual Brand Kit.
Business Needs

Client’s request

Phillysfarm expressed profound satisfaction with our efficiency, quality, and ability to breathe fresh life into their brand without compromising their established corporate colors. For any further inquiries or additional information on this case study, please feel free to reach out.

Scope of work:

80+ hours
Logo design
Marketing assets for advertising and promotion campaign
Guideline for consistent usage
of Brand elements
Marketing communication solution
Business Needs


Our commitment to speed and quality bore fruit, as Phillysfarm was delighted with the swift and successful transformation of their brand. Their satisfaction was evident in their desire to continue collaborating with our design studio for future projects.
In conclusion, our partnership with Phillysfarm exemplifies our ability to revitalize and invigorate existing brand identities, all while adhering to specific design constraints.

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