3 Best Free AI Video Generators

3 Best Free AI Video Generators

The landscape of video production has experienced notable transformations in recent times, thanks to the introduction of tools powered by artificial intelligence. These groundbreaking platforms are reshaping the process of crafting compelling videos, enabling businesses and individuals to achieve this in a more time-efficient manner than conventional methods.


Deepbrain AI stands out as an exceptional tool, providing a seamless experience for effortlessly generating AI-created videos from plain text. With a straightforward script, users can utilize the text-to-speech feature to produce their initial AI video in under 5 minutes.

These provides tailored solutions across various industries, including the financial sector, retail, commerce, education, and media.

Let's explore the video generator more closely. It utilizes ChatGPT to generate text based on a specified topic for a video. Users also have the option to select a template that aligns with their chosen subject matter.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to alter the avatar, which subsequently voices the generated text.

Deepbrain can be accessed online for free without the need for registration or credit cards. However, to download videos without a watermark, registration is required. The starter package includes features such as up to 10 minutes of video and up to 6 scenes, with prices starting from $24/month.


Colossyan stands out as a user-friendly AI video creation platform, simplifying the video production process without the need for prior experience or training. This innovative tool offers a wide range of capabilities, including the use of artificial intelligence to select hosts, the addition of custom subtitles and multimedia elements, support for various accents, and the ability to localize videos in over 70 languages. Colossyan serves as an all-encompassing solution for creating content for eLearning, corporate communications, and effective marketing messages.

Colossyan is available for free online use without requiring registration or credit card information. However, for downloading videos without a watermark, registration is necessary. The starter pack includes 120 minutes of video creation per year, with prices starting from $28/month.

Neural Actors

Neural Actors is reshaping the video creation realm, providing AI users with the ability to produce top-notch videos featuring realistic human presenters. With the capacity to capture multiple frames from different perspectives, Neural Actors makes it easy to create dynamic and lifelike videos. Available in both Hobbyist and Professional pricing plans, this tool caters to a wide range of video production needs.

Among the showcased video generators, Neural Actors stands out as the most realistic. The avatar and surroundings appear natural, fostering a sense of trust in the contemporary landscape.

Neural Actors offers a free online trial for 7 days, requiring registration. To download a video without a watermark, a starter package is necessary. The starter package includes up to 20 minutes, with a monthly price of $25.

In conclusion

AI-powered video generators have revolutionized the video creation process, making it more accessible and user-friendly for a broader audience. These tools offer a diverse range of options, including converting text to video, adding background music, customizing text, colors, fonts, and more. They have democratized video production, enabling businesses and individuals to create high-quality videos without the need for specialized knowledge or equipment.

With a variety of templates available, users can choose a video generator that aligns with their specific needs. For instance, the Neural Actors generator stands out for its realism, making it a trustworthy option for modern videos suitable for social networks. Other generators may be more tailored for presentation formats.