AI generated images as alternative for photo stocks

AI generated images as alternative for photo stocks

In the ever-evolving realm of visual content, the rise of AI-generated images is reshaping the traditional role of photo stocks. This inventive approach is gaining traction as a captivating alternative, marking the onset of a fresh era characterized by creativity and efficiency.

Certainly, let's explore free services for generating images. For testing, we will use:

prompt: a professional photo, creative workshop, modern office, mixed races, whiteboard, stock photo, HD

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is an independent web application accessible at It introduces innovative methods for brainstorming, designing, and engaging, significantly enhancing creativity through generative AI. It is suitable for commercial use. Alongside the Firefly web app, Adobe provides an extensive range of generative AI models for creative purposes, including Firefly-powered features integrated into core Adobe applications and Adobe Stock.

The interface provides a swift selection of styles and techniques, offering a plethora of options. While the variety is impressive, the challenge lies in the previews, which often appear quite similar, making navigation a bit cumbersome. The mix of different options, however, enables users to swiftly achieve diversity in their generated images.

Currently, the primary challenge lies in generating realistic human faces. However, we anticipate that this issue will be addressed and resolved in the near future.


  • Users can craft dramatic images by adjusting various styles.
  • It offers a free plan, making it accessible to everyone.
  • It is more accessible and easier to use compared to Midjourney, catering to users of varying skill levels and AI experience.
  • Firefly supports the creation of diverse content, including text-to-image generation, text effects, and vector artwork manipulation. Additionally, new features are continually being introduced.


  • The free plan includes a watermark on generated images, making them less suitable for professional or commercial use.
  • Unlike certain AI tools like Stable Diffusion, Firefly lacks the option to train the model with user-specific data or footage, limiting its adaptability for highly specialized tasks.

A beta version of Adobe Firefly is currently offered as a free trial. To begin utilizing Adobe Firefly, you must register, submit an application, and await an invitation.


Wombo stands out due to its accessibility as a mobile app, enabling users to create images on the go, almost anywhere. This mobility brings about a sense of simplicity, as the app is user-friendly and capable of generating art from basic prompts with ease.

Simply input a prompt, select from a diverse range of art styles (including the amusingly named "bad trip"), and click Create. The app will swiftly generate the image, making the process quick and efficient.

However, AI-generated images tend to be abstract and may not always meet practical or professional requirements.


  • Facilitates the effortless creation of captivating artworks, democratizing the fields of art and illustration.
  • Augments creative freedom by seamlessly blending elements of reality with abstract expression.
  • User-friendly and comfortable, requiring minimal technical expertise to explore its features.


  • The generated images tend to be abstract and may not always cater to practical or professional requirements.
  • Geared towards producing unconventional art, the absence of more mainstream options can limit its versatility.
  • The freemium model confines certain features, such as high-quality output, to paying users, potentially impacting the experience for non-paying individuals.

Wombo is entirely free! You can create art without even needing an account. However, if you want to save your drawings within the app, you'll need to create an account.


StarryAI is an excellent choice for those new to automatic image generation. It's a user-friendly tool where you simply describe what you want, and machine learning algorithms transform your description into art. The best part? You can download up to 5 images for free every day.

StarryAI employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques to enhance your art creation experience. The system regularly undergoes updates to ensure that the models stay current, guaranteeing continuous improvement in your creations.


  • Offers a diverse array of artistic styles and formats for image creation.
  • Provides options for drawing inspiration from existing images.
  • Allows free downloads on a daily basis.


  • Lacks editing or customization features.
  • Generates only one image per prompt.


DALL-E and DALL-E 2 stand out as open AI image generators utilizing advanced deep-learning models to create digital images based on textual prompts. They provide remarkable control over the generated images, earning popularity among designers, artists, and AI enthusiasts.

DALL-E 2 harnesses the power of GPT-3, a cutting-edge machine learning algorithm, along with CLIP (Contrast Language and Image Pre-training). This combination empowers the AI to deliver precise and accurate results in generating images.


  • DALL-E rapidly generates an image from a text prompt in under a minute.
  • Users have the ability to craft personalized images using text prompts, allowing them to bring their creative ideas to life.
  • Modification of existing images is possible, such as remixing them or creating unique variations.
  • Streamlines the iteration process for both new and existing images, empowering users to generate multiple versions.


  • DALL-E 2 has significantly enhanced the realism of the generated images, though some users might still find them not entirely lifelike.
  • Providing DALL-E with a well-defined prompt that includes relevant context is crucial for achieving accurate image results.
  • Vague prompts may result in less precise or inaccurate images.
  • It can be a costly option, especially when aiming for high-resolution images.

To begin using the platform, you need to register an account, requiring your phone number, which might seem unconventional. However, it's noteworthy that I haven't received any unsolicited calls after providing this information.


NightCafe, an AI image generator, leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence to craft distinctive and captivating visuals. The tool employs an iterative process, allowing users to make continuous adjustments and regenerate images until they achieve the desired outcome.

No account is necessary, and you can begin creating immediately. You are provided with five free credits, with each credit corresponding to one image. However, if you wish to generate multiple images using the same prompt, you receive a discount.


  • NightCafe stands out by offering the creation of 3D scenes, a unique feature among its competitors.
  • Users can intricately customize visuals by directly manipulating "genes" within the tool.
  • NightCafe's advanced technologies allow experienced users to explore highly creative possibilities.


  • The tool's extensive features might pose a slight learning curve for users who are not tech-savvy.
  • Creating 3D landscapes and immersive scenes can be challenging and time-consuming.
  • While more expensive subscription plans offer faster render speeds, they may not be affordable for all users.

There are various credit packages available for purchase. The most affordable option is 40 credits for $7.99, while the highest package is $469.99 for 10,000 credits. The larger the credit bundle, the lower the cost per image.


Midjourney might seem a bit intricate on your initial visit to its website, yet it stands out as one of the top AI image generators.

Although Midjourney serves as an excellent AI content creation tool, accessing it can be a bit challenging initially. To create images with Midjourney, you'll need to join a Discord server and utilize Discord bot commands. Fortunately, the process is relatively straightforward.


  • Tailoring the details of the created image is achievable through customizing the text prompts.
  • The tool offers multiple variations for a single piece of art, unlocking endless creative possibilities.
  • With a user-friendly interface, no coding skills are necessary.


  • Midjourney's customer support has been noted for its slower response times, potentially causing challenges for users seeking prompt assistance or troubleshooting.
  • The output resolution may differ from traditional photo resolutions, which could pose a hurdle for certain projects.

Midjourney offers four monthly plans - $10, $30, $60, and $120. However, Midjourney's services are no longer free, except during promotional periods. To get started, you'll need to join the Midjourney Discord.

In conclusion

To sum up, the ascendancy of AI-generated images as a substitute for photo stocks represents a pivotal juncture in visual content creation. The amalgamation of boundless creativity, heightened efficiency, personalized authenticity, and sustainability positions AI-generated visuals as a formidable influence shaping the trajectory of digital design and content generation. As this technology advances, its incorporation across diverse creative domains is set to redefine the fundamental nature of visual storytelling.

As evident, Midjourney excels in intricate detailing, particularly in comparison to other generators where face generation continues to pose a challenge.