Creating an Animated Logo in Rive: A Quick Guide

Creating an Animated Logo in Rive: A Quick Guide

Explore the world of dynamic and captivating animations with Rive, a cutting-edge 3D animation software that brings your creative vision to life. Offering a seamless experience for regular modifications and iterations, Rive empowers users to delve into the realm of animated icons, craft game characters with personality, design engaging on-board screens, and orchestrate complex interactions.

In this blog post, we'll walk you through making a simple logo animation using Rive's cool features. No matter if you're just starting out or you've got some design experience, we'll show you how to bring your logo to life and take full advantage of Rive's handy tools. So, let's jump in and bring some lively vibes to your logo effortlessly!

Create a New File

Start by creating a fresh file and selecting the size of your Artboard.

Make the Artboard transparent to ensure your logo doesn't have a background.

Import Logo

Head over to assets and include an .svg file using the image option. After that, simply drag the file onto the Artboard.

Set Keys

Objects and their properties will show up on the Timeline once they've been keyed. Keep in mind that the key button is outlined in grey when there's no key set. When a property is animated, it gets a blue outline. If the property is animated at the current playhead position, the key button is filled with blue.

Switch to Animation Mode

In Rive, there are two main modes: Design and Animate. Once you're in Animate mode, the Editor transforms to show all the necessary tools for crafting your animations. This includes a timeline, a list of animations, and an interpolation panel. For a speedy mode switch, utilize the tab shortcut.

Using the Interpolation Panel

The Interpolation panel shows up on the right of the Timeline when you pick any keys there.

An interpolation graph is like a picture showing how a value will shift over time from one chosen key to the next: time is on the horizontal line, and the change in the picked property is on the vertical line. We get to pick a graph that works for us; a cubic one gives a smoother vibe.

Animating a Rotation

We flip the scale value to the opposite. This way, we navigate through our logo, making a seamless jump.

Ready to go

The Rive editor, file format, and runtime seamlessly collaborate. This comprehensive pipeline guarantees consistency in appearance and behavior across websites, apps, and games. In Rive, you design and animate in the editor, export in the Rive format, and run files using Rive Runtimes.

In conclusion

Wrapping things up, animating your logo in Rive unlocks thrilling opportunities to infuse your brand with lively and captivating visual elements. Rive offers a user-friendly experience with features such as importing, scaling, and keying, making logo animation accessible and potent. Whether you're new to this or a seasoned designer, the effortless switch between Design and Animate modes, coupled with the user-friendly Interpolation panel, ensures a smooth and enjoyable creative journey. Rive becomes your go-to platform, providing simplicity with a punch for crafting animated logos that stand out. It's an exciting adventure for all levels of expertise.