Design trends for security and cybersecurity companies

Design trends for security and cybersecurity companies

I have tried to predict trends for 2024 in web design for a security and crypto business. These were only my reflections based on personal experience and some research, but overall, I am looking forward to such developments on the internet.

Teleprompter typography

This trend is designed precisely to solve the problem – to “inscribe” the user on a lengthy text, which in ordinary can simply refuse to read. The animation is like a teleprompter when a text written in a semi-transparent color or a gradient is displayed.

It is now at its peak, but it is gaining momentum, so we should expect that it will only grow in popularity. Try to bring to mind this style to make the design of a security and crypto business website unlike any other.


One of the famous performers in the design is the metro style, or card style, which means constructing a structure based on sections and placing the main content in so-called cards. It is not only a very convenient design method when it comes to a large amount of content on your website. However, business security is essential.

Interesting gradients

The gradient technique has long been known to everyone but is now influenced by Apple. Intricate, engaging gradients have added a twist to the design, making it more complex and dynamic. That is, here, such a complex thing, like emotions, abstraction, you can use them and still remain minimalistic.

AR and VR technologies

In 2024, augmented and virtual reality will change UI/UX design significantly. These technologies make the interaction with the product more complete and exciting, providing a unique experience. Moreover, that is great for everything related to security and privacy.

3D figures

3D elements on websites started to appear a few years ago; however, only now is it a trend likely to become more popular in the future. The slow start of development was attributed to technological barriers and the requirement for access to specialized 3D experts. Despite that, the fact is, 3D capabilities were available to everyone at unique prices, which created the trend as exclusively for the elite. The current trend is specific since these 3D elements are created from real materials such as glass, metal, plastic, or generally from inflatable spherical elements.

AI Generated Content

Although there is skepticism about AI-generated content, I am confident that attitudes will change due to the well-being of neural networks. The well-known neural network for image generation, Midjourney, was significantly updated to version 6. This means that creative visual content on the website may be about to take place. It will not be appropriate for every project, and in a while, it will be applied selectively on which projects it is suitable.

In conclusion

Thus, the web design scene that will be associated with security and cryptocurrency business trends in 2024 will provide a mix of novelty and creativity. As a result, with styles like Teleprompter Typography and Metro Style combined, the interface will not only be user-friendly but also visually attractive. Gradients will layer minimalism with depth and emotion, taking inspiration from Apple and adding the approach entirely differently. Trends like augmented and virtual realities possess the potential to significantly change the user experience and increase interaction and engagement; futuristic elements are popular on the website. There is no doubt that these trends will provide businesses with the opportunity to understand the nature of web design explicitly and offer vivid experiences to users who want to be at the forefront of the digital world.