Difference between UX design and UI design

Difference between UX design and UI design

Hey there So you wanna know the difference between UX design and UI design? I get it. I mean, aren’t they just the same thing? Nope Let me break it down for you.

UX design

As you know, UX design stands for User Experience design. It’s all about creating a seamless, intuitive and enjoyable experience for the user. Imagine you’re planning a party. You’d want your guests to have a great time, wouldn’t you?

You’d think about the flow of the party, the music, the food, the decor… Basically, you’d think about everything. Well, that’s kinda what the UX designer does, except it’s not a party, it’s a website, an app, a product. They think about how the user will interact with it, what they’ll do, and how they’ll feel.

A UX designer’s job is to understand the user’s needs, goals, and behaviors. This includes research to find out what makes the user tick and then using that information to design the product around the user.

UX Designer Thoughts

A UX designer has to think about how the user will:

  • Navigate through the product
  • What features they’ll need to help them achieve their goals
  • How you can make using the product more intuitive and natural
  • How you’ll let the user know what’s happening with the product

That’s quite a wide range, and ideally a good UX designer should be able to think strategically and creatively to find a solution that combines all the user’s needs.

UI design

On the other hand, UI stands for User Interface design. It is more of a rooftop of what the people see. It is something like a party venue. And you are the one to decorate it. You choose a color pallet, construct a layout scheme, picking up the furniture, and light. Every efficient UI designer seeks to make the actual interface, including the buttons, the typography, and all the other visual stuff that the user actually see and interacts with.

Ultimately, UI designer job is to take UX design and make it a picture-perfect.

UI Designer Thoughts

How an average UI designer might think:

  • What colors and typography schemes will give the certain feeling to our users.
  • How to make buttons react?
  • How to make some visual hierarchy?
  • How to make anyone smartly connected via the design throughout the product?

It is very detailed-oriented job, and UI designers must have a great eye for design and a solid understanding of how users interact with digital products.

In conclusion

So, to sum it up – UX design is about the overall experience, and UI design is about the visual design of the product. You need both to create something amazing. A great UX designer will make sure your product is easy to use and pleasant to use, while a great UI designer will make your product look and feel amazing. You can think of it as a restaurant. The UX designer is the chef – he makes the food delicious and pleasurable. The UI designer is the interior decorator – he makes the restaurant look and feel amazing. You need both for a great experience! I hope this clarifies things!