Discovering Clients for Web Design Agencies and Freelancers in 2024: 5 Proven Strategies

Discovering Clients for Web Design Agencies and Freelancers in 2024: 5 Proven Strategies

Hey there! It's Alex, the brain behind Design Subscription for Growing Companies: All-in-One Solution with Quality Control and a freelancer with a decade of experience in the design game. Times have changed since the good days – now, you've gotta be a real master crafter to score big gigs.

Quick heads up: these tips are most handy if you're not a complete newbie in the field. Got some experience? Awesome.

Ditch just selling web design

Ditch just selling web design – become a marketing whiz. Figure out what people really want. It's not about selling a website; it's about solving their problems. Clients don't want a hammer; they want that nail in the wall. Think more sales, less marketing time, a bang for their marketing buck, a pro vibe, more leads – you get the drift.

LinkedIn is your buddy

Shoot a quick, personal message to anyone who connects with you. Let them know you're the go-to person for WordPress, websites, or whatever they need. It's simple, but it works 'cause not many folks bother.

Target startups that just got a cash boost

They've got money and projects brewing. Hit 'em up via email or phone. Cool tools like Sales Intelligence and Engagement Platform | Apollo and AI B2B Sales Lead Generation and Automation from can help you find the right people.

Boost Your Portfolio

Beef up your portfolio and collect some thumbs-ups from past clients. Without it, folks might not trust you with their projects.

Word-of-Mouth Leads

Got a client? Be easy to reach, take responsibility, and deliver killer work. That's your ticket to asking them to spread the word to other business owners.

Keep rocking those skills, stay flexible, and connect with other agency owners in a market to better know a situation. Best of luck!