Runway: Animate photos with the new AI-powered Motion Brush

Runway: Animate photos with the new AI-powered Motion Brush

Motion Brush is innovative tool sparks a wave of creativity, giving users the ability to infuse vitality into static images, turning them into dynamic and captivating visual stories. Let's explore the boundless possibilities that this cutting-edge technology unfolds in the realm of digital storytelling.

Explore the capabilities of Runway and its array of tools by visiting the website:

How to start

Upon registration, you'll be directed to a dashboard boasting over 30 tools. In this article, we'll delve into a specific tool designed for crafting videos. Leveraging a Gen-2 neural network, this tool seamlessly transforms text and images into dynamic, engaging videos.

Start with Image

Let's breathe life into our image. Start by uploading the chosen image and providing a description of the desired animation.

Now, let the fun commence! With the Motion Brush, we choose the objects we want to animate and customize the movement for each of them.

Next, we configure the camera to achieve the desired framing movement.

Sit back and relish our animation. While perfection may elude us in some areas, the wonders that a neural network crafts from a simple image are undeniably impressive.

Start with Text

With Runway AI, the power to generate videos using text prompts opens up a multitude of incredible possibilities! Simply articulate a brief description of your vision, and let the tool work its enchanting magic.

Additionally, you have the option to select the style in which you envision the video.

And let's start generating our video.


Runway AI provides four product plans: Basic, Standard, Professional, and Unlimited, all with a 20% discount available for annual subscriptions.

Basic: Free, 125 monthly image credits, 3 video projects, 10 AI Magic tools, 720p video export, 5GB storage, 3 editors.

Standard: $12/month per user, 625 credits, unlimited video projects, 4K export, 100GB storage, 5 editors, trainable AI generator.

Pro: $28/month per user, 2,250 credits (500 images), unlimited video projects, all AI tools, 4K export, 500GB storage, 10 editors, trainable AI generator.

Unlimited: $76/month per user, unlimited video creation, all Pro features included.

In conclusion

Runway AI presents a user-friendly solution for unleashing the potential of artificial intelligence in creating content across various domains—art, design, filmography, music, and writing—without the need for programming skills. As an outstanding artificial intelligence platform, RunwayML boasts a user-friendly design that doesn't demand extensive technical knowledge, adding to its appeal.