Top 5 Design studio for startups

Top 5 Design studio for startups

I am going to give you the top 5 best design studios for startups. All of them are able to provide exceptional value and reasonable timings. The pricing may wary thought!


UI/UX design studio based in Berlin, Germany, but operating globally. Main areas of expertise are Landing pages, Webbflow development, Framer, UI/UX for Webapps, Dashboard design.

A team has worked with many American and European startups,,,,, and many many others.

Pixeldarts offers a full range of services from branding and design to product design and creation.

CEO Alex has deep experience in design, research and product development. Before launching an agency in 2021 he has worked for more than a decade in enterprise and startups corniness. As an example, since he joined, a company valuation increased from 1 million to 800 million in 3 years and he supported this growth.

Alex as designer previously  helped brand repositioning at and led the creation of the new corporate blog.

In 2023, his team got the challenge to resize the brand and create the new brand identity, website, and web app of Y Combinator security startup This challenge was successfully handovered in 3 months.

Key clients: 0pass, Metycle, Class8, Lawspeed

Industries: Cybersec, Infosec, B2B & Enterprise Software, Crypto & Web3, E-commerce, IT, Startups, Logistics

Based in: Berlin, Germany

Team size: 7

Pricing: starts from $4,000



Clay – UX Design Agency and Web Design Company in San Francisco. It's a full-service digital design resource offering user experience and user interface design, website design and, branding and web and mobile app production.

Clay also collaborated with Slack to revamp the platform’s UI. The major goal of the project was to optimize Slack’s layout. The new platform has attracted many positive reviews among the users, and the agency’s collaboration with Slack has provided a boost in product metrics.

Key clients: Slack, Snapchat, Amazon, Facebook, Coinbase, Cisco

Industries: Fintech, B2B & Enterprise Software, Crypto & Web3, Technology, E-commerce & Fashion tech, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Startups & VC, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Mobility, Logistics

Based in: San Francisco, CA

Team size: 15

Pricing: starts from $10,000



Huge is a digital agency that delivers unparalleled and outstanding digital experiences for its clients. Its team of designers are experts in delivering user centric experiences that are not only practical but visually engaging. Huge utilizes the latest technologies and frameworks to create custom websites and applications.

As one of Google’s long-time partners, Huge has been working on many projects that help the search giant to boost its digital presence.  Huge’s team of designer and developers cooperated with the company’s team in making a cleaner and more intuitive UI that focuses on the most innovative products and services.

Huge is a good player in an industry but enterprise-level pricing can push startups away.

Key clients: Google, Spotify, Hublot, Zelle, Shipt, Nike, McDonald's

Industries: Food & Beverage, Technology, Crypto & Web3, E-commerce & Fashion tech, Electronics, Startups & VC, Telecommunications

Based in: Brooklyn, NY

Team size: 1200

Pricing: starts from $50,000


Work & Co

Work & Co is a digital product agency that designs and builds digital products and experiences for some of the world’s most-respected brands. Its designers create user-centered digital products that are both functional and delightful.

Work & Co has worked with Apple to create a series of digital products and experiences that highlight the technological company’s products and services. This included building a custom Apple Watch app for a Nike, which offered users personalized workout tracking and social sharing.

Key clients: Apple, YouTube, Nike, Google, Mailchimp, IKEA

Industries: Technology, E-commerce & Fashion tech, Electronics, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Sports, Fintech, Mobility, Logistics, Food & Beverage

Based in: Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

Team size: 400

Pricing: starts from $10,000



The next case for consideration is Instrument. Instrument is a digital product agency that creates innovative digital products and digital experiences.

The company has been working with Nike for several years and has implemented several projects for the company. Instrument developed the design and programmed the Nike SNKRS app. It is a clean, user-friendly mobile app that gives sneakerheads access to their preferred Nike shoes at the touch of a button. The app includes sneaker announcements, personalized buying products and directions, and access to exclusive raffles of limited-release sneakers.

Key clients: Dropbox, Sonos, YouTube, Patagonia, Xbox, Tumblr

Industries: Sports, Technology, E-commerce & Fashion tech, Not-for-Profit, Telecommunications, Fintech, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Startups & VC

Based in: Portland, Oregon

Team size: 450

Pricing: starts from $10,000


In conclusion

The right agency is an important component of the success of startups. Such agencies work with innovative projects daily: they know best not only how to design a user-friendly interface but also what top-quality software is from start to finish.  That's why it's better to pick startups-focused studio with all relevant experience.