UI&UX Designer Job: What is it?

UI&UX Designer Job: What is it?

Hey there! So, you are wondering what does a UI&UX Designer do? It’s a pretty cool job if you ask me. My main focus is to make the website, or the app, or the software people use both visually stunning and convenient to navigate and use. I mean, I’m pretty sure billions of people hate it when a website doesn’t work properly, or an app feels like a labyrinth. Let me tell you what is my day-to-day activity looks like.

Basically, I spend my days with creativity, problem-solving, and a lot of communication. I talk to developers, product managers, and all kinds of stakeholders, to understand what they want for their project, and then they let me use my skills.

User Experience

But what I do, is the following: First, I work with the UX . I research our target audience, find out what their ‘’pain points’’ are in the application process, and then design the most intuitive user flow possible.

Because, at the end of the day, the user should enjoy, complete his app journey effectively, and be satisfied with th What are his goals? What motivates him? What could be a potential block? And then I think of a solution

User Interface

Second part is the UI phase. That’s when real fun begins. I have to design the layout, the typography, the colors, and million others things which make it look and feel amazing. I am a digital architect in a way.

To sum up, I design design concepts, wireframes, as well as prototypes to describe my ideas and solutions. It is comparable to creating a blueprint for a digital product to ensure that everything functions together flawlessly. I also design layout, typography, color, as well as imagery, to create comprehensive design specifications that will be used to guide the development process. It is almost like drafting a recipe for a splendid digital meal;

I must make certain that the ingredients I use are exquisite. Furthermore, design system development, a collection of principles and instructions for designing digital products, must ensure that everything I build seems consistent.

Usability Testing

Naturally, not every design looks perfect; in that manner, I present the final product to usability testing methods, A/B testing, and analysis of design elements to test my design decisions and discover which aspects need improvement.

Key Skills of a UI/UX Designer

But it is also important to possess such skills as Design, Technical, Soft skills and others.

Design skills:

Visual design: The skill to create visually appealing designs that reflect the brand and resonate with the target audience.

Interaction design: To design logical, appealing interactions to improve the user experience.

Information architecture: To arrange content and create a logical information flow for the user.

Prototyping: Create mockups and prototypes to test designs and ideas.

Technical skills:

Design tools: Proficiency in design tools like Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Front-end development: Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to effectively communicate with the developers.

Design systems: Understanding of design systems and their creation and management.

Accessibility: Knowledge of accessibility principles and standards to design inclusivity.

Soft skills:

Communication: Ability to explain design decisions thoroughly to stakeholders.

Collaboration: Work well with multidisciplinary teams like developers, product managers, researchers, etc.

Empathy: Understand or empathize with user requirements and shortcomings.

Problem-solving: Ability to break down complex problems and create seamless solutions.

In conclusion

What I mean is, it’s not just about beauty. I have to make it accessible, and easy to use, and definitely, fast. I’m in responsibility for that. The biggest reward is making the people feel happy and feel empowered. And if you are t passionate about design, and technology, and want to make a positive impact, you definitely should consider to be A UI&UX designer. It’s a difficult job but it is also rewarding as hell. And who knows, maybe you will actually change the world with your design.