3 Easy alternatives to Blender 
3D Software for designers

3 Easy alternatives to Blender 
3D Software for designers

3D modeling plays a big role in today's computer graphics. Using special 3D software is super helpful for making cool 3D stuff and animations. With technology getting better, more people want this software, and you've got lots of choices on the market, each with their own cool features.


Spline is a fresh, free 3D image editing tool. It gives you an easy way to do 3D vector modeling. The folks behind it keep making it better by improving what's already there and adding new tools. It's definitely something worth keeping an eye on.

Key features include:

Collaboration: Team up with your colleagues in real-time and set up access areas.

3D Modeling: Build parametric items, tweak polygons, and more.

Animation: Give motion to your 3D creations with animations.

Interactive Experience: Inject interactivity into your objects.

Materials: Manage how your scenes look.

3D Sculpting: Shape organic forms and dive into spline techniques. The newest update even lets you easily put videos into your designs. Spline keeps getting better, offering dependable features for its expanding user community.


Womp is an interactive platform tailored for creating 3D models and animations. It's an incredibly versatile software designed for producing and refining top-tier 3D models and interactive animations.

One of its standout features is its support for virtual reality (VR), making it an ideal choice for VR application and game developers looking to create high-quality 3D content that seamlessly integrates into VR applications and games. With its user-friendly interface and extensive functionality, Womp is a top pick for professionals in the VR development field.

Features of Womp:

Material: In its default setting, Womp constructs 3D models with a flexible, jelly-like material that allows easy merging and interaction between objects. You also have the freedom to choose from a range of materials like metal, plastic, glass, jelly, rubber, and more for crafting your models.

Lighting: Womp introduces an experimental yet highly customizable feature that lets you add up to 16 light sources to your 3D scenes. This empowers you to create unique environments with impressive lighting effects and shadows.

Objects: In its alpha version, Womp provides a variety of basic geometric shapes, including spheres, cylinders, cubes, and curves. You can manipulate these objects using multiple 3D markers to adjust their size, shape, and position along three coordinate axes.

Video Recording: Womp grants you the flexibility to explore your 3D model and record it in video format, capturing every intricate detail. These recordings come in Full HD format and are easily downloadable to your system.

Cloud Storage: Womp eliminates the need for constant manual project saving. All your 3D models are automatically stored in the Womp cloud.

Download: You can export your models to your system in various formats, either as images (PNG, JPG, TAG, BMP format) or as 3D models (OBJ, PLYT, STL format).


As technology keeps progressing, the need for 3D modeling software is on the rise. There's a wide array of choices available in the market, each with its own unique features and advantages. One standout option is Vectary, a 3D modeling software that has garnered a considerable following among designers, marketers, and content creators. Vectary enables users to create 3D objects from scratch or import pre-made ones. With this tool, you can build scenes for your objects, tweak materials, and add interactive elements to elevate your 3D projects.

Vectary provides an extensive array of features for 3D modeling and design:

Create Your Own Models: Vectary empowers users to craft their 3D models through mesh modeling or primitives. Mesh modeling allows for the creation of intricate 3D models with the ability to add and modify small details. The tool fosters creativity by offering modifiers and deformers for expanded design possibilities.

Import Ready-Made Content: Effortlessly import pre-made 2D or 3D files from third-party sources or access objects from the Vectary library using a simple drag-and-drop interface. The software accommodates a wide variety of resources for your 3D model creation.

Powerful Editor: Vectary boasts a robust 3D editor that lets users add, edit, optimize, and customize projects, materials, and environments. Fine-tune lighting, shadows, textures, and other parameters to achieve the best results for your 3D models.

Object Rendering: Vectary comes with built-in rendering capabilities to obtain realistic visual representations of imported objects. Customize renders as needed and receive real-time feedback on various devices, from mobile phones to smart glasses.

Lighting 3D Objects: Vectary offers various lighting options to achieve a realistic effect. Users can apply lighting that interacts seamlessly with the 3D scene or utilize the Emissive Material setting to turn any object into a light source.

Advanced and PBR Materials: Vectary supports physically based rendering (PBR) materials, a standard in 3D modeling for achieving photorealistic rendering and depth. It provides a library of materials, including advanced choices like transparent coating, thin film, refraction, subsurface scattering, and ambient occlusion.

Adding Stickers: Elevate your 3D models by effortlessly incorporating stickers. The software features an auto-wrap function that simplifies overlaying 3D objects with 2D graphics, making it perfect for branding, layouts, and other essential details that enhance the realism of your design.

Animations and Effects: Vectary empowers users to create captivating animated and interactive effects without the need for programming or APIs. You can integrate animations, transitions, and click-and-action interactions into your projects. Additionally, you can transform Lottie or GIF files into animated textures, expanding your design possibilities.

In conclusion

With a wide variety of software options on the market, there's something for everyone, whether you're into creating stunning visuals, product development, animation, or just a fun hobby. However, my personal recommendation would be to start by checking out Spline.