6 Design Trends 2024 you should be paying attention to

6 Design Trends 2024 you should be paying attention to

Web design trends are constantly evolving due to their strong ties to technological advancements. In this article, we will explore the primary web design concepts expected to shape the trends of 2024, while acknowledging that certain trends persist as leaders year after year.

Complex Gradients

This trend, while not brand new, keeps on winning hearts and adding some liveliness to web design every year. Gradients are cool because they can make things look like they're moving around, all while keeping things looking clean and simple. People really like this trend because it's like having fancy motion without actual animations. So, whether you're working on something minimal or a fancy website, using cool gradients is a smart move.


The latest web design vibe is all about nostalgia, resonating with our yearning for some more fun in life. As we step into 2024, this nostalgia is making its mark on Web Product Trends, taking a good dose of inspiration from the totally tubular 1980s. But this isn't just a copy-paste job; the modern twist on the Memphis style has come a long way from its original form. Today's developers are giving it a fresh, updated look while staying true to its roots.

Memphis isn't just a trend, though; it's a design philosophy. It says 'no thanks' to the ordinary and gives a big hug to creativity, individuality, and that sense of 'wow' that we all love. It's all about daring ideas and inviting users to have some fun, making the online experience a blast."

Visible borders

Because of these exciting shifts, we're seeing designers in 2024 showing a lot of love for the Visible Borders trend. They're keeping it simple, adding frames and borders to websites to give them a sense of life and structure. It's like putting different puzzle pieces together. This makes it easier for visitors to engage with web pages. Designers can throw in more content without making things look too cluttered.

Visible borders bring a unique touch that works beautifully with other design trends, like Memphis. When you blend these styles together, it's like adding extra spices to a recipe; it makes the whole project stand out and become something truly special.

Large typography

Using unusual font sizes is another cool thing that's catching on. It's a bit like using a magnifying glass to highlight what's important. This trick works great in both super-packed and sleek-and-simple designs, and it plays nicely with other web design styles too.

Handmade graphics

Keep an eye out for another cool trend in 2024: the comeback of hand-drawn art in web design. People are loving this style more and more, with both designers and users enjoying those handcrafted, personal touches. Adding hand-drawn stuff gives a website a unique flavor, making it stand out in the crowd. Plus, it's like an open invitation for designers to get super creative and experimental in how they build websites.


Big players like Apple are really getting into the 3D tech game to show off their products to customers. In 2024, this UI/UX trend is all about making websites more user-friendly and eye-catching. When you stick 3D models right on your site, it's like an instant attention-grabber. It also makes customers feel more confident about what they're seeing.

In some fields like real estate, they're using 3D to give virtual tours of houses and apartments. You can check out a place from your office or sofa, getting a good feel for it before you decide to see it in person. It's like a sneak peek without having to leave your comfy spot.

These trends might seem like old friends. Big fonts had their moment in 2012, 3D was all the rage in 2018. But here's the thing - they keep changing and mixing, year after year. It's like a creative blend that keeps evolving. So, for all the passionate designers and tech enthusiasts out there, keeping tabs on these shifts is a must. It's the compass that guides you through the ever-shifting landscape of design and tech.