How to create site on Notion Sites

How to create site on Notion Sites

I'm excited to introduce a solution that lets you transform your Notion document into a full-size website. It's incredibly convenient, especially if you do most of your work within Notion and want to avoid extensive development tasks. With Notion, you can bypass coding hassles and effortlessly craft a neat, well-organized site.

Create a page

Design a page from scratch or choose from a selection of website templates to kickstart your online presence. Whether you prefer a custom look or the ease of a pre-designed template, the choice is yours.

Add visual elements

Enhance your profile by adding a personalized header with your chosen image and avatar.

Switching between dark mode and light mode is as easy as using the keyboard shortcut: cmd/ctrl + shift + L. Customize your viewing experience effortlessly!

Simply type '/' on any page to access a menu full of options to customize and elevate the content on your pages. When it comes to arranging elements in a horizontal distribution, utilize columns as your building blocks. They provide a structured and effective way to achieve the layout you desire.

Craft buttons by using callouts and specifying the desired destination link. This straightforward approach allows you to create functional and visually appealing buttons for your content.

Customize the color and add a suitable icon to enhance the visual appeal of the block. Leaving the block at the default setting will result in a thin stroke for a clean and minimalistic look.

Creating a database

In Notion, a database is an advanced page type utilized for structuring information, especially for managing cases. To view and add a database, simply use the /gallery command and create the database accordingly.

After creating the database, proceed to fill out the sections and cards. Notably, any information added in this process is automatically incorporated into the database.

Establish tags and links to enhance the organization and connectivity of your content.


Select "Share," followed by "Publish" to publish your content.

To enhance your settings, you have the option to enable document editing mode, add comments, and save your work as a template.

In conclusion

You can access the page through the provided link. Notion adapts itself, though there are limitations, and not all ideas may be implemented as envisioned. However, for simpler tasks, it proves to be quite suitable.