Pixeldarts is startup design agency

Pixeldarts is startup design agency

Our designers team has spent many years gaining experience in working with small startups at a breakneck speed. We have led the projects from scratch to Minimum Viable Product and up to seed stage, and subsequently to A and B series.

Why Pixeldarts

Adieu to the challenges of dealing with multiple designers or outsourced agencies. One designer and one Lead from Pixeldarts is all you need to achieve your design dreams. Everything from branding and Logos to a product or UI/UX. Top it off with a risk-free Pro account. Not happy with our work? Simply cancel within 5 days and get a refund.

Our Cases

Choose from some of our most recent projects:

Metycle.  A digital web platform for international, including statistics and trends, and trading scrap metal. We designed and redesign the entire website in less than three weeks after the brand reconnaissance.

Logo redesigned as well. This is called the Visual Brand Kit – as all visual elements should align across different platforms.

0pass. The passwordless identity and authorizations management platform (SaaS).

We did the whole website from scratch and, at the same time, have started the branding process. We delivered this website and deployed an entirely new design concept in four weeks. That was fast, and somehow our Framer designer figured their way around most things.

You can find more of our projects in our portfolio.

Our Offerings

Select from our three pricing plans: Starter, Pro plan, and full-time, depending on the way your startup is developing and how much time you are ready to spend on the process.

In Conclusion

And enjoy unlimited revises to make it perfect. Pixeldarts is all about transparency and efficiency – no bullshitters, just top-quality design that delivers results for your business. Ready to check it out? Let’s work together to turn your vision into a reality or book a call with us!