Top 3 UI/UX Design Agencies in Singapore

Top 3 UI/UX Design Agencies in Singapore

I am also a person who finds satisfaction in creating user experiences that are seamless. I have been fortunate to be able to explore the design scene in Singapore, and I can confidently say that the city-state is a hub of innovation when it comes to UI UX design agencies.

Many agencies in the region, whether it is the government’s services or a newly established venture, have some of the most talented designers in the world as they are always committed to ensuring that they have developed solutions that cater to their clients’ needs. I have engaged with some design agencies when working on this project, and I am surprised by their quest for perfection.

What sets the best UI UX design agencies in Singapore apart?

What makes the best UIUX design agencies in Singapore even better in their work is that they are never afraid of challenging assumptions and even push the limits. They are expert researchers, and they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the insight is solely based on research, and it always informs their decision-making process. They work in close collaboration with their clients and ensure that they have developed solutions that meet their clients’ business objectives.

What also surprises me about the best UI UX design agencies is that they are research-intensive; they do not just develop pretty designs. They are always willing to discover real problems and develop solutions around them. They are also up to date with all progress in the design industry; hence they love to experiment.

Zensite UX Design Agency

You can find out more about the agency on their website:

If you are in Singapore and are looking for a UI UX design agency to help you take your product to the next level, then there are some names that you cannot miss. Meet UX Design Agency Zensite – a full-service creative agency that has been making conceptual ux design solutions 100% focused on such success metrics as revenue, retention, and time to market since 2012.

These guys know how to fall in love with your product at first sight and first click. They showed their user-centric approach and their portfolio and in my ribcage I felt that I needed to work with them.

Prices are all discussed individually, so write to them and get to know all the delights of working with Zensite UX Design Agency. If you want a fresh and cool design that your users will be delighted with – come to these guys, they know what they are doing!


Visit their website for detailed information:

And another agency that interests me is ROCKETECH – real pros in the field of development and design. If you need a cool app or website, they will help you with it. Their apps for iOS and Android will run without bugs and look great. They walk you through the entire cycle from idea to launch. Their web sites and applications have cool designs and are easy to use. Make your users want to interact with your product.

They have a ton of successful projects for clients from startups to huge corporations. You can see their work on the official website. If you want to talk about a project or don’t understand the range of services, go to the website – here is the link: ROCKETECH.

They are the partner you need if you are looking for a solution that will be developed quickly and efficiently, and taking into account all your wishes. These guys are ready to help you on each stage from an idea to implementation!


More information or write about your project here:

If you need a cool IT solution that will work perfectly, HPPY is right for you. These guys can implement any of your ideas using the most modern technologies and approaches. They create powerful and stylish applications for iOS and Android. Use the most modern technology to make your products fast and safe for users.

Make your product more modern and attractive to the client making his user experience better, in this HPPY will help you. They are developed using Agile methods and other flexible development mechanisms, which allows to promptly respond to change and release the product step by step.

If you need an IT solution that will work and be comparable in time, HPPY is for you. These guys are cool and know their stuff so they can help you at all stages of product development; they can implement all ideas.

In conclusion

There are not many good IT companies in Singapore. Zensite UX Design Agency, HPPY and ROCKETECH are the exceptions. These guys really know their stuff and offer top IT solutions. What I also like about them is the way they work. They always focus on the client and use the latest technology and agile development methodologies. They are able to offer solutions that not only work but bring results. If you need an IT solution that will work, these guys will do the job!